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History of MTDS Inc.

Management Technology & Database Solutions Inc. (MTDS) started in September 1980 in San Diego, CA doing business as JW & Associates (JWA). It was immediately successful as a developer of IT Systems and Programming Services for the financial service industry, developing customized price trend software for Merrill Lynch and Dean Witter Reynolds over the next four years.

From 1984 through 1989 JWA developed a major Automated Information Systems Design & Integration project for the automotive repair industry. A complete turnkey system, which included point-of-sale tracking, payroll, inventory, checkbook management, accounting and customer service was designed, developed and marketed to business members of ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association).

Between 1990 and 1994 the firm provided Programming and System Development services to American Eagle Airlines in Los Angeles, CA. The system allowed individual pilots to specify personal preferences, and then would automatically analyze and sort all available trips and schedules for the coming month.

During 1996 through 1999 JWA developed a comprehensive loan and customer management system for one of the largest home financing companies in the United States. The system provided for conversion of all legacy data to a new, employee-friendly customer management system. All data conversion services, IS Design and Integration Services, and System Development services were completed on time and under budget. Upon delivery, all loan servicing employees had state-of-the-art desktop access to customer records, payment history, real estate financial information and additional proprietary cash out/buy out formula calculations.

The firm's IT support to the Joint Interagency Task Force West (JIATFW) also started in 1996, and continued for over seven years. JIATFW is an intelligence fusion center that is the central collection point for all intelligence gathered in the Pacific region to fight the war on drugs. A series of contracts were completed for JIATFW, including data analysis, data management, IS Design & Integration, data conversion, systems analysis, project management, system development and other programming services.

In November 2001, JW & Associates changed its name to Management Technology & Database Solutions Inc. (MTDS). On January 1, 2003, MTDS became incorporated in the state of California. MTDS stands ready to support all commercial and government customers with IT Systems Development Services, IT Systems Analysis Services, Automated Information Systems Design and Integration Services, Programming Services, IT Data Conversion Services, and other Information Technology Project Management.